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Wow - Book review - Domain Driven Design!

2008-12-10T11:46:02 / jeremie chassaing

Ok, I finished Domain Driven Design yesterday. I think I had no such Aha moment since I read Design Patterns eleven years ago...

I thought I was prepared for it, I had read many things to get maximum info...

I had :

I had practiced knowledge crunching on my own for long.

But the book go far beyond all that. It has a deep vision of programming on large scale projects, and give really good insight on difficulties that arise when working on complex systems with several teams. These are really precious pieces of advice.

The pattern presentation of the different chapters, even when those patterns are not implementation patterns but team organization patterns is really helpful and clear.

There is not much about implementation details, but it is not a problem. The principles are not tied to a specific technology or framework. Actually this is even a good point, it leaves the book clean from a specific implementation. Implementation books are aging faster.

You definitely should have this book on your shelf.