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2018-01-20T23:04:08 / jeremie chassaing

I have a quite busy life, and this blog has not been updated very often these last years... the occasional F# advent calendar post, and even not this year.

Here are a few things I did during this time:


I spoke at some conferences:


During the last few year I progressively introduced F# at work, in production and more and more coworkers are working in F# now.

This was long, but finally not that difficult in a microservice architecture, since each part can easy be isolated from others.

Software Gardening

Growing a system and a team to work on it take time and patience. Climbing scale steps one by one is a constant challenge, an I learnt a lot in the process.

Learning things

I read books, met a lot of interesting people and tried to learn as many things as I could.

Other projects

During this time I also developed a Board Game that should go in production this year. That was also a lot of time and a lot of fun.

I also try to spend a lot of time with my wife and my kids, and I can easily stop touching a computer for weeks when I'm in vacation with them.

New blog

I exported all posts from my blog to make this new one. Nothing should really change for you except the design and the lack of comments. But for me, I can simply write posts as MarkDown or using F# formatting Literate Programming which is awesome.

I decided in the process to remove all tracking scripts like google analytics to not bother you with cookies.

To join me, use twitter @thinkb4coding

Have a Happy New Year !